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Peter Balikó was born in Budapest, on 2nd. April, 1965. Soon in his early childhood he was in touch with art. He was raised in Hungary with his grandfather Fery Antal, a national widely respected artist.

He left Hungary at the age of 8 years old and moved to Paris during 4 years. He moved again to Lisbon where he still lives.

Peter Balikó studied at the António Arroios Art School and concluded in 1982 his skillings in this area.

The fact that art is traditionally a dificult way to start with in life, lead him to follow other areas, namely Mathematics which was concluded in University, as well as building a career in information and communication technologies.

Never losing the taste for art, after his first child was born he started dedicating himself more seriously to oil painting and water colouring.

As a very sharp observer, maybe the fact of being born in a country not bathed by sea lead him to a profound admiration of the sea coast.

Portuguese shore's typical lightness as well as the natural beauty of the Azores Islands have been the thematic inspiration for his work, characterized by colour and neutrality, and by lightening and shadow contrasts.

Peter Baliko has organised the following painting exhibitions:

1997, Peniche Fortress – under the theme “The Lightness of Portuguese sea shore”

1998, Peniche Fortress - under the theme “Concaveness”

2000, ISEG, Lisbon - an Institute for Business Administration

2001, SFN, Lisbon - a Learning Institute

2001, CGD, Portuguese National Bank

2003, Peniche Fortress

2004, Peniche Fortress

2004, 2005 S. Miguel Island of Azores “Hotel Marina”.

2006 – Lisbon “Folha de Chá”

2007 – Casa dos Açores – Lisboa

2007 – Galeria “Pepper’s” – Caldas da Rainha

2007 – Parque D. Carlos I – “Casa dos “Barcos” – 10º Aniverário